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Emergency Commissions + Seeking Housing


Hey everyone, I know a lot of my followers are aware of all the shit that’s happened to me within the past few months. Mental illness, emergency surgery, family disowning me after my mother’s death, my new job cutting everyone’s hours, and most importantly me being homeless for the past two months.

I have nowhere to turn for the next month or two. No sure-fire plan that’s going to get me out of this hell. I will have nowhere to stay in three weeks. One week after my 21st birthday. My family has turned their backs on me completely and none of my local friends can house me. I have to quit my job and start all over.

So, my darling gals and ghouls, I need your help. Desperately. If anyone would like to hire me for writing commissions (and possibly art since I have my laptop back), please check this link.

If you could spare a buck or two, my Paypal is here and also can be reached via

My lovely significant other is offering commissions to help me get my ass to Portland in a few months, and their post is here.

And, most importantly, if anyone near the West Coast (I’m willing to travel anywhere right now, regardless) has a couch to crash on or a space to rent, please contact me via inbox or my email. It honestly scares me that I’m going to be homeless, 600 miles away from my partner, and alone on my birthday. I have no clue what to do anymore besides keep going.

Thank you for reading.

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i have no desire to unpack anything. there’s really no place to put anything else, since I lost a bookcase in the move and I can’t un-tape my desk drawers until we can move zimie’s desk into the room :/

that and i guess i’m a little burnt out from everything

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After seeing just the preview for “Coach Steven,” I thought of this.


After seeing just the preview for “Coach Steven,” I thought of this.


my new favorite



As soon as I learned Nicki Minaj voiced Sugilite, I had to


Friend sbj commissioned me one of the best things to ever happen—Powerpuff Girls inspired by Esther Quek.

No joke, she gave me an entire zip file of Esther Quek photos. Bubbles and Buttercup’s outfits were directly pulled from specific outfits, while Blossom’s was pulled from different ones. 

Featured are some of my favorite details and face shots of the girls sans sunglasses. 


made something for the adorable bab~


made something for the adorable bab~

visited animal crossing for the first time in a couple months

:’) all my rare flowers and hybrids are gone……………….. I thought the Beautiful Town ordinance stopped flowers from dying? but they just kind of.. disappeared…

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i have to go to work

cat hasn’t pooped in 2 days. becoming concerned.

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Moved in! Cat is mostly recovered and constantly begging for attention

Literally everything is in boxes

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Moving day is upon us.
Moving day has /been/ upon us since about 8:30 am.

Threw the last boxes into the car, and swaddled the cat in a coat in lieu of a carrier. It was heartbreaking to see her so scared ;;;

Now we’re waiting for the guys with the van while the cat hides behind the laundry machines.

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she looks awesome ogmggggggggg